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George LaRocque

George LaRocque

Editor, Founder

From the Editor

How do you keep up with everything?

As a market analyst covering the future of work, that’s the most common question I get. I consume a lot of news and content. I’m also big on process and leveraging technology to make my work easier.

I took the tools and processes that I use to organize the news and trends in the world of work and put them here in Future of Work Magazine. Your curated source of news, focused on the future of work and the way technology is impacting it. As the news hits, you’ll find it here.

Along with curated news from leading news sites, industry publications, and market analysts, we’ll soon be launching a series of columns written by global experts (are you one?) on a variety of topics. The goal is to provide you insights and perspective from the people I respect in the world of work technology. We’ll package it all together in a weekly newsletter with highlights. And it’s all free. Consider it my contribution back to the industry where I’ve built my career.

Everyone is busy transforming the way they find, hire, manage, and retain employees. Everyone is overwhelmed. Everyone is wondering what the future of work will look like. Hopefully, this helps.

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Future of work news curated from the world’s best sources. Original columns from the best thinkers on the topics.


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